Southwood - not for me thanks

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Southwood - not for me thanks

Postby Big Wurzil » Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:38 pm

As bad as OFW was/is I’m not seeing this guy as being any better.

Of all the 2nd and even 3rd string keepers out there if that’s the best we can do then it’s far from being good enough and it’s showing.

For a keeper he’s not the tallest and it shows as he very rarely comes for a cross and when he does most of the time he flaps. His kicking/distribution isn’t great.

Today alone he’s guilty of 2 goals. The first is dreadful, an u12 keeper would set that situation up better and deal with it. Eduards free kick was poor. Ask yourself if that was at the other end would accies have scored?

The 3rd for me was worse, he came out and made himself smaller by turning side on inside of doing the basics for most keepers and that’s make yourself huge, he done nothing.

There’s nothing in any games ive seen him that’s made me have any confidence in him.

Our scouting network must be absolute shite
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Re: Southwood - not for me thanks

Postby Stevie Clarke » Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:58 am

Keepers make mistakes. Look at some of the recent howlers from De Gea for example. I think we've been spoiled over the years, especially with Cerny and McGovern who made very few errors. OFW got a bad rap. How many howlers that cost us goals did he make? I can only really recall the one at Killie on the stroke of half time and even then, he made a stunning save in the second half to save a point.

A common complaint fans make everywhere is that their keeper doesn't come for more crosses but a lot of the time it's the central defenders responsibility. If you think about it, a keeper tends to stand about a yard off his line. When a ball is whipped across and is, say, five yards out, that means a keeper has to make up that ground, jump and catch or punch it in a split second. Ok, he has to be on his toes and maybe read what is going to happen but even then he leaves himself open to being caught in no-mans land and then he'd definitely be the villain in the fan's eyes. Quite what OFW was expected to do with a cross that must have been close to eight feet in the air before it dipped to the back post for Taylor-Sinclair to head home, I don't know. But there wasn't a mention of the outfield player who had failed to track his run!
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Re: Southwood - not for me thanks

Postby Bluesy » Tue Feb 04, 2020 12:01 pm

Southwood will do for me. Didn’t do particularly well for the free kick however he is much better than OFW. In OFW’s defence he made a couple of amazing saves at Easter Road however he just can’t / won’t catch a cross ball, even when he is clearly the favourite, and that creates nervousness throughout the defence.
I for one was relieved when OFW left.
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Re: Southwood - not for me thanks

Postby Scotty Tunbridge » Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:11 pm

I’d put OFW at fault for at least 1 of the goals against Ross County in the 2-2 game aswell. Additionally against Livi he’s culpable for maybe the 1st for not coming for a cross. He got such a strong hand to the penalty that he should be saving it. The 4th could be his fault as well but the defending was also ridiculously poor.
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