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Postby TerracingTomas » Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:05 pm

Stole this from Pie and Bovril and although there is a good chance we will still be playing towards the end of May with the play offs its never too soon to be thinking of who we would want to keep from this years’ squad. Those listed are all shown as being part of the first team squad on the clubs web site. I’m not taking into account whose contracted as when it suites either party they seem to be disregarded.

Wood – Rumoured to be leaving. If we sort out the defence Id still KEEP him
Fulton – if the Woods rumour is true he is expected to be first choice keeper UNDECIDED for me
Marsden – From what I’ve seen of him a good back up KEEP

Gocic – KEEP With a full pre season expect more from him
Want – PUNT Had plenty of opportunity time to move on
McMann – Don't expect many to agree but I’d KEEP him
Gordon – Id KEEP him obviously but he will be gone to eastern Europe IMO
Tshiembe – easy PUNT
Kilgalllon – UNDECIDED I think we could find another suitable experienced defender
Penny – PUNT
Sowah – PUNT
McGowan – KEEP obviously but if we go down he will be gone
Stanger – KEEP Seems to be developing nicely adding international under 21 status to his CV

Taiwo – PUNT
Martin – KEEP
Cunningham – UNDECIDED as don't know enough about him
Hughes – UNDECIDED Don't know how he has done at Stirling
Mackinnon – PUNT Not good enough IMO let him go
Andreu – KEEP I know he’s a loanee but I think he is beginning to show signs of the old Andreu so I would try and secure him for next season
Smith – KEEP unless he is sold as per rumours

Imrie - PUNT as he is retiring anyway
Davies – KEEP With a full pre season a solid acquisition in more ways than one.
Oakley – KEEP obviously
McMillan – PUNT
Boyd – PUNT
Keatings – PUNT
Ogkmpoe – KEEP
Miller – PUNT him down south for a fee that's where his head has been since January
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Postby shotts56 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:18 pm

Agree with all of the above apart from Mackinnon. We got completely overrun in midfield on Saturday when he went off. He's not Pele, but there's nobody else at the club that can win a tackle in midfield.
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Postby Bluesy » Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:11 pm

Yes I’d agree with all of these except Daz. He’s worth keeping.
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Postby Stodmeister » Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:45 pm

Agree with most of that list.

Miller has certainly been off the boil recently and if Wimbledon come knocking then I would sell, I suspect that Kilgannon may simply retire or head back and play lower level in England , possibly player coach , we have this Norwegian centre half coming (not sure what he's like) and Stanger is well thought off.

It would be great to get an experienced centre half on board for next season , someone like Alex Bruce .

I'd keep Daz but this certainly hasn't been his best season probably due to the shambles all around him.
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Postby Euan » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:43 pm

I too tend to agree with most of the above, including keeping Daz, but not as captain or even a guaranteed first team place.
Kilgallon has been decent but still hasn’t improved the defensive frailties of the past few seasons. He’s a good footballer but maybe not aggressive enough. I’d be happy if he stayed but not too disappointed if he left, as long as we brought in an experienced defender to replace him.
I still think Thomas OWare former Morton captain would be a good signing/captain. Currently injured (for the season) at Thistle, he’d hopefully fancy a game in the top league, especially if they go down again.
Up front Keatings, if able to stay fit, would certainly be worth a squad place.
Miller started the season well but has disappointed recently. Boyd has potential but is probably just a good championship player. Realistically both could go without too much regret although they may be worth another season to see if they can be more consistent.
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