Accies .V. St. Johnstone - MATCH THREAD

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Re: Accies .V. St. Johnstone - MATCH THREAD

Postby WAC » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:08 am

We got away with that we were rank rotten again anyone who says we weren't must be deluded . We won great . Follow it up again with a win on Wednesday, hope the fans turn up during the week for a huge game .
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Re: Accies .V. St. Johnstone - MATCH THREAD

Postby Big Wurzil » Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:53 am

Definitely not rank rotten, was the better team when 11v11 and had them hemmed back for decent spells in the 1st half.

When it went to 11v9 totally different game, they done what we done against Aberdeen(twice) kept themselves compact and defended the space in the box between the goals brilliantly. And we came away from those 2 games absolutely delighted.

I know it's a hard watch from the stands but playing 9 or 10 adds more pressure to the players plus teams will do drills in training 1/2 players short.

I think canning got the bulk of it right by keeping Mcmann and skondras wide to stretch the game for them. We kept probing and probing and it finally paid off, only slight criticism is I would've put redmond on quicker for sarris for his quick feet in around the 18 yard box.
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