Accies .V. The Well - 31.12.16

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Re: Accies .V. The Well - 31.12.16

Postby judgeflash » Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:36 pm

Yummy Fur wrote:
accies1874 wrote:Fine, our chances of staying up will be greatly reduced if he leaves. He's involved in almost every goal we score, and he is consistently our most dangerous player.

This ^^^^

Link to highlight reel below for the player recently labeled hopeless on this site.

Would hate to see him go but perhaps only then he would get the recognition he deserves.

Certainly NEVER quoted as hopeless by me on this board. As a matter of fact I've said repeatedly, what he sometimes lacks for 89minutes he can make up with a crucial goal. The information is probably not available, but his passing/posession retention seems to be greatly affected since 2015. This may be down to teams getting wise to him and just crowding him/being more physical.
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