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Postby Bluesy » Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:00 am

judgeflash wrote:
Bluesy wrote:Can't argue with much of the point above except it's not a company and consumers- its following your football team (in my view that is very different- I wouldn't want to be anywhere else on Saturday). I'm also not unhappy that Bingham is out the picture- he's not the answer.
I have no faith left in Canning but I do think the board deserve time to get past the transfer window and see where we are. The new Chairman is just in the door and has got us Andreu back. He's a proper football man and will see what we see. Hopefully corrective action won't be too late.

From the fans perspective, Football is a form of entertainment, paid entertainment. Unless you're working for the club, you are paying money on a weekly basis to support the running and functioning of a product. If you are paying a subscription to Netflix for exmaple and they continually create content that is REALLY unpopular with 90% of its subscriber base but refuse to change, you would stop paying. This shows with the empty seats. Even the blameless charity seats are empty.
Bingham is not the answer, I don't fully blame him though. Canning hasn't developed him at all. I thought he had bags of potential when he first signed, he's went backwards however. I do feel that last night, Bingham would've had more of a go at the centre backs over Boyd/Keatings.

Netflix subscription is like supporting your football team??? Come on
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