Selling club?

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Selling club?

Postby accies123 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:33 pm

Let's be honest, we are not a club that is forming players and selling them.
Barcelona, real Madrid, arsenal...are.
We sold the 2 James and that was it.
Hendrie has not kicked a ball for West ham and he will not do it, they bought him because he had played over 150 games in the spfl.
Tony Andreu was already a player we didn't form him, he had 1 and a half good seasons with us and then got a move to a level that he could not compete. He was an excellent player but not a championship player.
And to be honest I don't think that our 20s would play in any other spfl team.

We are a club that need to use the 20s, because we spend all the money on foreign players that are all recommended by the same guy and that probably is pals with someone at the board and gets signing fees everything that one of them signs.
When we were at our best we had 3 foreign players, all 3 of them had played in Scotland before. Tony, Mac and jesus. Let's go back to that please...
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