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Postby porcupine » Mon Aug 02, 2021 8:34 pm

glasgow accie wrote:
WILF wrote:It’s not about swearing is it.
No one is offended by swearing at football.
It’s about the utter bile and constant abuse directed at players and manager.
Swear as much as you want but why turn up if your agenda is only to abuse all things Accies constantly from start to finish.

That , I understand and agree with , but your man porcupine WAS complaining about the swearing ...sorry “ the foul mouthed invective “ ...

Happy to concede that WILF summarises what went on, was essentially correct. Constant abuse of just about everything connected with Accies, makes more than me wonder what some people actually get out of travelling to and attending away games.

As I said, GA, I'm no saint when it comes to swearing, but the conduct of 'supposed' Accies Fans was way over the top.

It'll be interesting to see what happens at Palmerston & Gayfield in the next few weeks.
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