Accies supporters association meeting with the Club

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Accies supporters association meeting with the Club

Postby TerracingTomas » Thu Jun 24, 2021 11:19 am

The Supporters Association have a published a full account of their meeting with the Club. Maitland and Cairns represented the Club and Mcgowan represented well himself and his stadium ‘business' basically ;) ... gumv70elA8

There a lot there so take your time to read and absorb. It was only up yesterday but if the new Supporters Association wish to further increase recruitment and be as inclusive as possible can I respectfully and constructively suggest they engage with fans across all social media platforms such as this one and Pie and Bovril. Some fans or are on one and not another etc etc. There will even be an older element out there who don't do social media.

The one figure that struck me was that for season tickets. Thats the most detailed figure if accurate I've seen for paying ST holders viz. 226 adult, 135 concession and 186 u16 = 547. Thats seriously worrying. As a comparison Killie fans claiming 2,500 so far this season on P and B. As directors of a ‘business' I would be asking serious questions as to why despite 10 years in the SPFL the ‘customer' base is so low. I suspect there are few first division clubs that could beat that figure.
Any future sponsors should contact
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