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Re: Accies vAberdeen

Postby porcupine » Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:31 pm

They usually count the season ticket holders as if they were there, so as four of us decided not to travel a fair distance in very poor weather tonight, then the 795 'Home' estimate is 791, [or 790 if TT also has a season :)]

Easton off with a shoulder injury at 30 mins? Canny really get worse in the remaining games. What plan now for us to dig out an exit for the annual "Great Escape"? Without being totally negative, I don't see any of the other teams as poor as us, even with Temps back. Reckon we've gone.

On a plus, there could be enjoyable football for Accies later this year, with visits to Inverness, Ayr, Dundee, Dunfermline, Arbroath, Greenock, Dumfries, Alloa, or even Kirkcaldy, Falkirk, Airdrie or Methil. What's not to like?
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Re: Accies vAberdeen

Postby Stevie Clarke » Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:47 pm

I just hope we don't do a Brechin. They've got about 400 fans too!
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Re: Accies vAberdeen

Postby Beardy » Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:50 pm

Woeful, its a 50/50 whether this was worse than Livi. Hoofball and header tennis at its very worst.
Woods, Alston, Collar & Hunt all completely MIA, passengers, spectators in a game that was vital to take something from. Again Accies are the charity team that digs out any oppo that are on a run of bad form.
Just think - that game was broadcast around the world - pride of lanarkshire
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Re: Accies vAberdeen

Postby YeOldeHamiltonian » Wed Feb 12, 2020 12:41 am

Worst performance of the season and embarrassed themselves and every Accies fan in front of millions.As soon as I noticed Hunt and Alston were in the same midfield,I knew it was only going to end one way against a side remember who have only scored against Dumbarton(via a penalty remember) since Boxing Day.

Canning was sacked for less than this.
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