All our outward loans

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All our outward loans

Postby TerracingTomas » Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:32 pm

Its the international break so I’m officially bored. Here is a list of all the players we have sent out on loan so far this season. According to Accies website they are all out until January. Its a real mish mash of leagues. Does this reflect the stage of each players development or a question of what clubs will take them? I know Annan and Airdrie came looking for these players after they impressed.

Gearge Stanger - EK Lowland League
Charlie Reilly and Leon McCann - Airdrie SPFL Div 1
Nay Joseph - Annan SPFL Div 2
Leon Scullion - S’muir SPFL Div 2
Daryl Meikle and Sean Slaven - Linlithgow East of S PL
Kyle Munro - Clydebank West Juniors
Ross Connelly - Benburb West Juniors
Oops missed Jack Breen - Albion Rovers SPFL Div 2
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