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Darren Jamieson

Postby southoftheborder » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:39 pm

There is an excellent article on 'therangersreport.com' regarding Darren Jamieson, and why, based on analytics of his performances in the Championship, he might not have been our best option!

"Back in the summer of 2016, Hamilton was in search for a back-up goalie. The club obviously operates with a tight budget so they’re not exactly in a position to splurge £250,000 on a reserve goalie.

Now let’s pretend they had the foresight to employ an analytics team to crunch numbers & help guide the search for a role that isn’t all that important until the starter….let’s say lacerated his kidney.
First team coach, Guillaume Beuzelin, enters the office of his first team analysts, who are all fiendishly huddled over their computers.
In a strong French accent he says, “So, it looks like Darren Jamieson may be available. He started a handful of matches for Livi & we think he’d be a magnificent choice & it won’t cost us much.”
He then puts his cigarette on the nerd’s desk.
“Let me know what your spreadsheets tell you & get back to me as soon as you can. I don’t think Jamieson will be on the market long.”
The analytics team go to work & within a couple of hours shoot back emails (they don’t do face-to-face conversations all that well) to both Beuzelin & the manager Martin Canning.
Subject: Urgent!! PLEASE READ!
Hi Martin & Guillaume,
So…about Darren Jamieson. WHATEVER YOU DO…DON’T SIGN HIM!!!!
He his a League One goalie, at best.
You know that saying, there are more fish in the sea….well, give us a day & we’ll give you a list of goalies better than him that will cost you the same price.

Here are our findings:
 Livingston’s Marc McCallum joined the club on loan from Dundee United in September. His addition was desperately needed as his predecessor, Darren Jamieson, was really struggling to keep the ball out of the back of his net. Jamieson was allowing 2.0 goals per 90 minutes, while McCallum’s has only allowed 0.67 goals per 90. While the defence has improved in front of McCallum – 0.39 xGA per 90 compared to Jamieson’s 0.61- McCallum has clearly solidified the play in goal for Livi. (Rangers Report, November 2015)

 How important is goalkeeping? If you’re Livingston – it’s the difference between fighting for a play-off spot for promotion & a play-off spot for relegation. With Marc McCallum in the lineup this season they have earned 100% of their wins & 83% of their draws. Of their 24 points, he has been in goal for 23 of them. They have averaged 1.21 points per game with McCallum, which is more than Morton’s current form of 1.19 points per game. Morton is six points out of a play-off spot. Currently, Livingston sit ninth in the league & are mired in a struggle with Dumbarton to avoid the relegation play-offs. What happens when McCallum, on loan from Dundee United, wasn’t available. Well, Darren Jamieson happened. In his nine appearances, he had a save percentage of 0.625. In McCallum’s 19 games, his save percentage has been 0.731. That difference translated to Jamieson allowing 1.38 more goals per game then expected compared to McCallum – who has allowed only 0.41 more goals per 90 then expected. Livingston only managed one draw in Jamieson’s nine starts (0.11 points per game). If Livi had the same points per game ratio in those matches as they have with McCallum that would equate to a difference of 10.89 points. (Rangers Report, March 2016)

 You want graphs???? Here ya go…find Jamieson on each of these & then DELETE HIS PHONE NUMBER FROM YOUR CONTACTS!!

There is much more on their website.
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Re: Darren Jamieson

Postby Amoutahere1874 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:57 pm

I could have summed it up a whole lot quicker than this by just saying simply that Jamieson is pish.
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Re: Darren Jamieson

Postby Euan » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:40 pm

Rangers second where he closed his eyes and turned his face away as the ball went past him was the sort of goalkeeping you see on a five a side pitch when the rubbish guy picked last is put in goals.

If he's picked against Motherwell I'll give it a miss.
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Re: Darren Jamieson

Postby Amoutahere1874 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:29 am

Still find it mind boggling how this guy was allowed any where near the first team.
Bet the young keeper from the under 20s Marshall would have put up a better show.
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